Assassin’s Creed IV On Wii U Is Visually ‘Some where between current and next gen’, Works With Companion App

Sitting down with Assassin’s Creed Producer Martin Schelling, and lead game designer Jean-Sebastien Decant, they revealed to Expansive that the Wii U version will exceed its current gen counter parts visually, he also confirmed that the AC:IV companion app will be fully compatible with the Wii U version of the game. ‘It will be I […]

Thief: The Bank Heist Pre-Order DLC

To be honest much of what we’ve seen from Square Enix’s addition to the long running Thief series has involved much, well thievery.  From most promotional shots and trailers that have been issued thus far we’ve been treated to our supposed thief, skulking in the shadows in order to break some poor victorian guards neck. […]

Magicka Wizard Wars: Hands On

Armed with all the elemental knowledge I had gleaned from years of raising Pokemon, I spawn with the utmost confidence- I mean how hard can a game based on rock paper scissor-esque elemental battles really be? I stroll over to my opponent, and zap him with a well timed water spell, but  to my surprise […]