Aaron Paul Ad is switching on Xbox One Consoles

As a Breaking Bad fan, I must confess that a small part of me died seeing that Aaron Paul has taken himself off the artistic roll call for life by selling his soul in an advert for Microsoft, but I have been left feeling rather amused by what seems to be yet another misstep by the Xbox developer.

The first obvious error is that the ad seems to advertising a Kinect-less Xbox One, yet it clearly demonstrates the use of the Kinect features, which is a debate to be had on another day. The big story, however, is that gamers have been complaining on social media sites like Twitter that the Xbox Commercial with Aaron Paul is actually causing their Xbox to turn on when Breaking Bad’s Jesse utters the words “Xbox On”

Some Xbox One owners who have the game Titanfall installed have also been left a little bemused when the actor says “Xbox play Titanfall” because the game then begins to load.

The whole point of the Xbox One Kinect system is that it will sit in your living room, patiently waiting for the Microsoft keywords, therefore you would expect that Microsoft themselves would have seen this one coming.

The only solution is to unplug your Kinect from your console and if that fails, my best advice is “Better Call Saul” but fortunately this does not appear to affect all users. I would imagine much will depend on your individual setup and if you have Titanfall digitally downloaded for example, but we would love to hear from you. Have you have been affected by the latest ad from Microsoft.

We will update this post as more details are gathered, but please comment below if you now find yourself reaching for the mute button on your TV every time you see Aaron Paul appear.

[Source: BBC]


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