Arma III Campaign Coming in Three DLC Episodes

The popular multiplayer shooter Arma III, which you can currently purchase early access to the BETA, will be receiving a campaign in the form of three separate free downloadable packages, ‘Survive’, ‘Adapt’ and finally ‘Win’,   after the games initial launch later this year.

The decision comes from a press statement from the games developer Bohemia Interactive, stating that the developer wanted more time to ‘perfect’ the single player experience rather rush it and tack it on in the end, much in the manner of the previous Battlefield single player campaigns we’ve experienced. Here’s the full statement.

Following an eventful past year, and a splendid reception of the Arma 3 alpha and beta, the studio honestly admits to the difficulties it experienced with its parallel development,” reads the statement. “While the team was developing the full game, at the same time it was supporting the alpha and beta. However, since the game has made tremendous progress as a result, Bohemia Interactive felt confident to maintain its quality-over-quantity mind-set and take some additional time to perfect the campaign.”

Arma III has a strong multiplayer community and I think the decisions to release the campaign in this manner will be a popular decision for most.  The game will eventually launch with 12 single player campaign missions, and 9 multiplayer scenarios.