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Tour De France 2014 – As We Play

Format – PS4 Version – 1.01 The Tour De France is one of the major events of the sporting calendar each year. An epic feat of sporting prowess, most of us would have absolutely no chance of completing, the cyclists put themselves through the most punishing of races, taking in…


Watch_Dogs DLC Bad Blood announced

Ubisoft has today announced some new DLC for it’s open-world hack ’em up Watch_Dogs (no, not that sort of hacking, this isn’t Dexter the video game…). Bad Blood doesn’t star Aiden Pearce, but rather T-Bone, making him playable for the first time. You’re still in Chicago, but you get 10…


Destiny launch trailer goes online

That trailer came from the moon! Well, from Activision by way of Youtube at least… With Destiny arriving on the 9th September, the official gameplay launch trailer has arrived, check it out below: Chances are you’ve already had a try of Destiny anyway if you took advantage of the impressive…