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Contrast gets another PS4 patch

Another Contrast patch has sneaked out for the PS4 version of Contrast. Slipping under the radar a bit, the update only provides two notable changes, again focusing on isolated issues. Firstly, many have suggested that the spotlight aiming would not lock when user reloaded/restarted the game while aiming the spotlight….

Content Update

First Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC maps shown off

Guerilla Games have released concept art for the first DLC maps for Killzone: Shadow Fall. Called The Cruiser and The Hangar, each map is offering something different to players. The Cruiser offers close-quarter combat with labyrinthine routes. Meanwhile The Hangar offers sniper-friendly spaces and secret flanking routes. The maps will…


Fightback 1.7.0 adds 60 FPS

Ninja Theory’s Fightback has received a sizeable update today. At a whopping 270mb, players can now enjoy elegant 60FPS as well as a new feature and series of fixes. A new feature added to Fightback today introduces a slot machine which offers daily prizes. Every day, players will get a…

As We Play

Beyond Two Souls: As We Play

Additional Aiden We can confirm that additional content will be coming to Beyond: Two Souls. The menu screen confirms as such. Entitled Advanced Experiments, there’s plenty of scope for offering further support for the game. We do know a 30 min DLC pack comes with the special edition of the…

Expansive Overview

Puppeteer: Overview

For more detail on the game, check out our ‘As We Play’ feature on Puppeteer.. As We Play Technical Issues Expansion Summary Sony have done it again and delivered a second must-have exclusive for Playstation 3 this year. Puppeteer is completely magical and absolutely enchanting. The game delivers on almost…