DeadCore is out now!

You know what we don’t have enough of? That’s right, platforming first person shooters set in mysterious futuristic worlds. That my friend, is where 5 bits Games interesting new exploratory puzzle-em-up DeadCore comes in; said to combine exploration, puzzles and speedrun tactics this could be the game we have all been waiting for. Lets get […]

Deep Dungeons of Doom Lands on Steam Today

Bossa Studios, the people who brought you the epic Surgeon Simulator 2013, have today announced the release of Deep Dungeons of Doom,  on Steam. Deep Dungeons of Doom is a groovy 8-bit rogue-like dungeon crawler described in the official propaganda as “deceptively simple to play yet devilishly difficult to master”. Players can choose from three […]

Heroes of the Storm in Final Alpha

Blizzards upcoming MOBA has hit it’s final phase of alpha testing  and is back online with a host of changes and features. The bad news for those of you lucky enough to have your hands on the game already is that all player progress to date has been wiped and real cash money spent refunded as […]

Simon the Sorcerer Returns!

Kickstarter has been a haven for games developers looking to bring niche or retro titles to the clammy hands of nostaligc gamers. The likes of Leisure Suit Larry, Shadowrun and Wings have all had Kickstarter success in the last couple of years and now StoryBeasts are ready to take the plunge and crowdfund the sixth […]

Son of Nor Gets New Exciting Stuff

If you haven’t taken a look at upcoming adventure-em-up Son of Nor yet now might be the opportune moment after developer Stillalive Studios released a bunch of new content on Steam Early Access today. That’s right players can now enjoy some, more or all of the following: New levels New Boss Fights Linux support New […]

Dragon Warlords is Out Now

Dragon Warlords, the Online PvP strategise-em-up from those smashing ladies and gents at Game Insight, has been released today on the Google Play store for the low, low price of £0.00. Set in the epic fantasy world of Adan a thousand years prior to the events of the popular MMORPG Dragon Eternity, Dragon Warlords is billed […]