Train Fever is Coming to a PC Near You

Fans of the MicroProse classic Transport Tycoon will be cock-a-hoop at the news that Internet crowd funders have coughed up 250,000 Euros in support of transport simulate-em-up Train Fever. Indeed the game is already in closed beta and due for release on PC, Mac and Linux from September 4th for the princely sum of £22.99. […]

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Gets Director’s Cut

Harebrained Schemes have today spilt more details about the upcoming release of Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut. Originally a major expansion for the quite excellent tactical RPG-em-up, Shadowrun: Dragonfall is returning to a PC near you as a standalone release with a bunch of exciting new content. And best of all, the Director’s Cut is free […]

Trials Fusion Gets Second Dose of DLC

It’s exciting times for fans of the rather spiffing Trials series with Ubisoft announcing that the latest and greatest installment of the stunt-em-up just got a little bit better with the release of the Empire of the Sky DLC. This release brings with it a whole host of new content, including new tracks, challenges, editor […]

Gravity Badgers – As We Play

Format – PS Vita Badgers are bloody brilliant. They look awesome, they are kick-ass in a pinch and they also make excellent astronauts; at least, according to Wales Interactive’s  physics-based puzzler, Gravity Badgers. That’s right, Gravity Badgers sees you “step into the space suit of a valiant space badger as he ventures into the deadly […]

Gravity Badgers Go Mobile

It’s an exciting time for PS Vita owners with Sony’s handheld becoming more and more of a bargain every day. Not only do you get cross-play allowing you to play compatible PS3 games on the go and remote play to fire up your PS4 games you also get some of the finest indie games around. […]

Dead Island 2 Trailer Is Out Now

Dead Island 2, the latest installment in Deep Silver’s zombie-bashing franchise  is coming to consoles early next year and the first gameplay footage and screens have emerged. In fact here’s one right here: What a handsome devil… Let’s see what YAGER and Deep Silver have up their sleeves for this installment shall we? Dead Island […]