Trials Fusion – As We Play

Version Tested: 1.8 Format: Playstation 4 Booting up Trials Fusion, the game boldly proclaims ‘Welcome to the Future’. And while I wouldn’t necessarily say that Trials Fusion is the future of anything, I can say that it’s a fantastic compilation of everything that has already worked very well up to now.     Having played […]

Shadowrun Returns 1.2.6 now live

Shadowrun Returns 1.2.6 has now released and adds significant campaign fixes and system improvements. The devs recommend that you update to 1.2.6 immediately if you’ve experienced Dragonfall campaign issues. Here’s the full changelog. It’s a beast…———————————————————————————- New Features, Improvements] [Combat] AoE spells and abilities do not list number of people affected if the size of the […]