Octodad PS4 coming next week with new features

Octodad Dadliest Catch will finally release on PS4 next week, according to the Playstation Blog. What’s more, Octodad PS4 will feature additional features not present in the current PC version. These changes are based on player feedback and are focused specifically on the final third of the game. Some ‘radical changes’ have been made, including […]

0rbitalis – As We Play

One of the more amazing things about the modern-day game is the limited amount of interaction you can have with a product, yet still be completely and utterly spellbound by its content. Angry Birds is a perfect example. Hold your finger down, aim while pulling back, then just let go. That’s it. The in-game physics […]

Cloud Chamber Interview with Investigative North

The one true evolving entertainment medium is the video game. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something fresh comes along and blows your preconceptions out of the water. That can certainly be said of Cloud Chamber, a brand new multiplayer experience from Investigative North, a small Danish development team. Cloud Chamber is described as […]