Barrow-wight Lord joins Guardians of Middle Earth

Warner Brothers have announced the final character as part of the Guardians of Middle Earth Season Pass.

Introducing the Barrow-wight Lord.

The Barrow-wight Lord is synonymous with Lord of the Rings mythology and will be both a welcome (and feared) addition to the game. Here’s the official character description…

Twisted by corruption even in death, the Barrow-wight Lord is a powerful remnant of a stalwart line of Men, banished to the Barrow-downs. While living, his power was great, but in death he bears greater power with little resemblance to his original human form.

The character is available to purchase on Xbox or Playstation, or, if you’re a Season Pass holder, the Barrow-wight Lord can be downloaded at no additional charge. He has unique abilities, such as being able to drain the soul and steal the life from a single target.


WB have also confirmed that additional Guard ians of Middle Earth content will be released post-Season Pass.

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