Battlefield 4 Naval Strike First Play Impressions.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike First Play Impressions. 


The third expansion for Battlefield 4 Naval Strike¬†has been out for PC for little over a week and of course Expansive was eager to sink our teeth into any new content being released for EA’s popular multiplayer shooter. Naval Strike adds a bunch of new content to Battlefield 4 including new maps, weapons, vehicles and of course the all new game mode Carrier Assault.

In our ‘First play’ impressions video we take a look at how the game mode works and if it’s actually any fun? We’ll also be giving you our opinion of how the new maps look and play, no doubt that tropical vibe will have us all reaching for our passports here at Expansive and finally we take the latest vehicle to enter the battlefield, the ACV hovercraft for a spin.

So sit back, hit play and enjoy as Expansive takes you into the world of Naval Strike.

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