Battlefield 4 to be a multi-generation release this fall


Seems the cat is out of the bag. According to an email from GameStop, Battlefield 4 will release on PS4 and Xbox 3 this fall, alongside the PS3/360/PC versions of the game.

VideoGamer have tracked down an email from GameStop which outlines EA’s plans for the blockbuster shooter. The same email that confirmed the pre-order bonuses for the game. According to GameStop  “the game will be available for current and next-generation platforms and windows PC in fall 2013”.

DICE have been reluctant to confirm a next-gen release of the game, though an EA representative apparently told several people at GDC that Battlefield 4 would be coming to Playstation 4.

Still, it’s quite surprising to hear the game will be coming out this year on next-gen systems.

More on this as we get it.

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