Best Soundtrack: Expansive Advent Calender: Day Three

It’s December (where did that come from??) and that means we’re bringing to a close one of the most important years in the gaming industry

Two brand new consoles, many important, platform defining titles and the continued quality of independent releases. 2013 has been an incredible year for gaming and we intend to support that with the first ever Expansive DLC Advent Calendar awards.

One award will be given out every day in December, with the whole thing concluding on December 31st when we will announce our Game of the Year.

Next up is Best Soundtrack. There have been so many wonderful gaming scores this year and narrowing down our choices has been a challenge.

Agree/Disagree, here are our choices…


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Three awards. Three nominations. That shows you just how much Black Flag has wowed us and the game’s score is definitely one of its defining characteristics. Whether it’s Sea Shanties or sitars playing moving melodies, Assassin’s Creed IV is full of life and its music plays a crucial role in that.



Death Metal doesn’t normally get much of a chance to shine in a AAA release, but in Ninja Theory’s reinterpretation of Dante’s journey, it was front, row and center and it worked damn well. One of Capcom’s best releases this year, DmC took its critics head-on and came out on top. Amongst other things, this game has a fantastic score. Our collective adrenaline is still pumping just thinking about it!


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

That futuristic 80’s soundtrack! The techno-Blade-Runner esque tones are just so suited to the environments the Far Cry team have tried to depict. It’s refreshing in its retro-ness and we applaud the recreation on all levels!


Arguably one of the finest collections of music we’ve seen since Vice City, whether you’re cruising in your car, window down, tune pumping, or you’re suiting up for a mission with background music, setting the scene, GTA V understands the importance of a solid musical score and this is as good as we’ve ever heard.


Ni No Kuni

Infectious chords are all over this beautiful RPG. Sweeping symphonies and harmonies, tense, dramatic battle-music, uplifting, up-beat orchestrations. Ni No Kuni is like nectar for the ears. The game needs to be experienced alone for the quality of its sound.


Saints Row IV

If we can not be serious for a minute, then we have to include Saints Row 4 in here for the humor in its choices. Saints Row IV understands that comedy is all about the timing.Volition have really crafted a niche for themselves with this franchise and the soundtrack is just one core component of that.


The Last of Us

Atmosphere. Drama. Tension. Naughty Dog have not only illustrated a fractured world, they’ve filled it with harrowing music. A soundtrack we won’t soon forget.


Zelda: Wind Waker HD

The tunes aren’t new, but the recomposition of them certainly is. Wind Waker looks and definitely sounds better than ever. A beautifully designed piece of software, Wind Waker has recaptured our hearts all over again. Nintendo certainly know what looks and sounds good.

And the winner is…

1477793_10201787721647293_567961889_nGrand Theft Auto V

The score will go down in history as one of the best we’ve ever heard. It accomodates all tastes, its perfectly befitting of different types of moods and it will unquestionably have you tapping your foot or singing along at some point. Amazing stuff, Rockstar. We expected no less!

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