Betrayer 1.1 adds new difficulty options and game balance

Betrayer has just released from the creators of the original F.E.A.R and No One Lives Forever.

The game balance has been tweaked due to feedback, seeing improved enemy AI, as well as significant bug fixes. There are also further difficulty options added to the game.

The full changelog is below, but please note, some of the fixes may reveal potential game spoilers. Be careful reading on…

Game Balance:

  • Enemy perception has been tweaked to make Conquistadors more perceptive and certain other enemies less so.
  • Enemy vision ranges have been reduced in general.
  • The Listen HUD option now defaults on.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with several treasure chests in the Fort St. George region losing their red color and chime sound when loading a saved game or returning to the area at a later time. Note that depending which chests you’ve found, there may be some that still show the issue, but they should be the easier ones to find.
  • Fixed a treasure chest in Outlying Settlements not switching to the dull material when opened.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause player loot to become unrecoverable in certain situations.
  • Fixed skeletons sometimes playing the wrong attack animation.
  • Additional navmesh cleanup to help with enemy pathfinding in some areas where they were struggling.
  • Fix for certain enemies not being present if you fast traveled to certain destinations in Outlying Settlements.
  • Wall check removed for player loot drops. Should reduce instances of not being able to recover loot.
  • Fix for not being able to get the All Graves Found announcement (and Achievement) in Forbidden Wilds in certain cases.
  • Reduced the volume of the corrupted totem sound cue.
  • Fixed issue with a dragged inventory item showing the wrong detail.
  • Fixed a visible seam on the musket powder horn.
  • Fixed an issue with a couple of ash figures getting set to the wrong collision type when destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue with those same ash figures playing the chime sound when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed a case where you can get the “nothing more to hear” message too soon in Outlying Settlements if you completed things in a certain order.

Beware of potential spoilers below!

  • Fixed issues with the Tabitha Markley and Maiden in Red investigations not completing. The fix will prevent the issue from occurring but won’t retroactively update the journal if you’ve passed the point where each occurs.
  • Updated the description for one of the victims to match the dialogue.
  • Fixed a post-completion issue where you’re directed to return to the Forbidden Wilds.
  • Fixed issue with Maiden in Red being present at Fort Hope if you die during the assault.
  • Fixed issue with Listen leading you to James Markley after he’s been released.
  • Fixed issue with the fire being relit if you return to Forbidden Wilds after completing the game.
  • Fixed a topic that shouldn’t display if you’ve already learned the name of the Maiden in Red.
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