Bioshock Infinite Season Pass DLC is not cut content from main game

Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock Infinite, has been answering questions about the Bioshock Infinite Season Pass on Twitter. There have been some interesting responses.

Many fans are upset with Ken over the announcement of a  Season Pass in Bioshock Infinite, but he has addressed many of the concerns through the social media network. Here are a few interesting ones…

DLC facts: levels have not been started or barely begun. It is not cut content. Cut content was cut because it was not good enough for game.

DLC is single player content. When I said we cut DLC, we cut it.We don’t cut with a plan to put in DLC.

Mr. @IGLevine: will dlc be necessary to comprehend everything? –No, main game will stand on its own.

I’m sensitive to DLC concerns, but If you never play the DLC, you will have a 100% complete story experience with Infinite alone.

If you’re a BioShock fan, and you won’t be excited about the particular DLC I’m working on with my team…then you’re not a BioShock fan!

So, the DLC will stand alone and offer additional insight into the Infinite World. It’s also not the several hours of cut content which has reported on quite extensively.


RT @jorothtehwicked@IGLevine does the over all sales of the pass affect the quality of DLC? –no budget is set, barring delays.

To be super clear, the ONLY thing that is on disc is the contents of the early bird special. All else not even CLOSE to done.#transparency

early bird special: •4 pieces of Gear 5 health/salt/shield upgrade 2 weapon damage upgrade skin change. My DLC is in early planning.

RT @grandshadowdude@IGLevine Will DLC be still coming out a year later, like Skyrim? –no timeline yet.

It’s encouraging to hear that the content isn’t on the disc and work is still in the very early stages. It seems great care and consideration is being put forward to make sure players get good quality DLC.

Some interesting points. Do these allay any of your previous fears about the Season Pass?

(Source: @IGLevine)


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