Black Mesa has less of a reason to feel insecure

After Black Mesa became a smash hit of a mod, a modder set out to give Half-Life: Blue Shift a source engine makeover.

Black Mesa is basically a re-imagining of the first Half-Life game which was in development for a long, long time. It took the base game of Half-Life and made it something beautiful by utilizing the full power of the source engine. Best part? It was released for free as a mod. After it became a smashing success, a modder thought “Hey, now I have the resources that made Half-Life a source game, we can apply these to all of the expansions!” and they did just that.

Black Mesa: Insecurity is aiming to remake the second expansion in the series, Blue Shift. Right now, it is only a small project with the game being worked on during the modders’ study breaks, but the aim is to give Blue Shift the same facelift that Half Life had.

At the moment, only a few new models have been made and some of the textures remastered but it does look darn impressive. A release date for the mod hasn’t been announced, but if you are interested, you should definitely check out the ModDB page.

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