Black Ops 2 gets six new personalisation packs

Today, on Xbox 360, six brand new personalisation packs will be coming to Black Ops 2.

Firstly, the affectionately titled Glam Pack. This doesn’t give makeup and eye-liner to your marine, but it does offer a themed weapon skin, three uniquely shaped reticules (probably in the shape of love hearts) and a calling card (probably with Soap McTavish’s number on the back…)

Next the Coyote Pack. There’s no Road Runners to be seen, but the pack is inspired by the terrain of the American Southwest and includes a Desert Coyote themed weapon skin, unique shaped reticules and yes, a special calling card.

You may fancy the Aqua pack. Perfect if you’re a swimmer or if you’ve got a fancy a special kind of jewel. In this, players will get a surf-themed weapon, as well the reticule and calling card extras. DUUUUUUUDE!

Then we get back to basics. The Pack-A-Punch pack looks at upgraded Zombie Weapons and will offer an engraved weapon skin (what’s the zombie word for awesome?) as well as the Reticule and calling card extras.

Penultimately, the Breach Pack is good for those who like sticking their foot through a door and is inspired by a post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland (creepy!) Included is a distressed weapon skin as well as the reticule and calling card extras.

Finally the Rogue Pack. Perfect for the sneaky, sneaky types who like to stab, stab, stealth. Based on the classic Black Ops 1 camo, this pack features a geometrically patterned weapon skin as well as the reticule and calling card extras.

All packs are available today and will retail at 160 MSP each. All six are available at once and no voting will be required.

Fancy any of those?

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