Call of Duty Apocalypse GamePlay Trailer

Treyarch yesterday released a gameplay trailer for the fourth and final DLC pack for their latest iteration within the Call of Duty franchise. Titled Apocalypse the map pack will launch today August the 27th and will retail for $15 (remember folks it’s no longer MP points it’s cold hard cash from now on for Microsoft), with PS3 and PC versions of the DLC set to follow.

The map pack features 4 new maps, Dig, Take Off, Frost and Pod, there’s also possibly the most interesting part of the package is Origins. The first two maps Dig and Frost are remakes of maps featured in previous Treyarch Call  Of Duty titles, Dig being a courtyard map from World at War and Frost a remake of the popular map Stadium from the original Black Ops. Frost is a picturesque European city coated in a layer of fresh white snow, just begging to be stained with red and finally there’s Pod a rather creative map from the 70’s an attempt to create a utopian society makes for some interesting architecture in which to prove… it clearly didn’t work. Check out the trailers below.

But of course not forgetting Origin’s adding to the ever popular ‘Zombies’ mode a map that takes you back to trenches of  WW1 to do battle with the undead hordes and apparently giant robots.


Be sure to check back in with ExpansiveDLC  to hear our full verdict on the DLC itself.