Call of Duty: This Uprising remains speculative but a lot more convincing

It’s been a couple of months since we got our hands on the first DLC pack for Black Ops II, and if the rumour mill is to believed it won’t be long before the next expansion drops.

An image surfaced on Twitter today. It showed some promotional material, found in Best Buy, suggesting that the aptly titled Uprising will be released for the Xbox 360 on April 16th – other platforms will most likely have to wait till mid-May due to exclusivity rights for Microsoft’s console.

While we don’t often entertain the rumour mill at Expansive, the image does corroborate some information we reported last month about some of the CSS on, suggesting its authenticity.

If the image is to be believed, we can expect four new multiplayer maps; Vertigo, Magma, Encore and Studio, as well as a new Zombies map, Mob of the Dead.  The pictures don’t give us much to go on, but there appears to be a nice amount of variety in the settings and potential for some fun dynamic sections to the maps, akin to the flooding corridors of Revolution’s Hydro.

Activision have yet to officially announce the new content, but their PR department have confirmed that the next DLC pack, whatever it will turn out to be, can be expected very soon.

Still debating whether or not to buy the Season Pass? Be sure to check out our review of Revolution.

Sources: Joystiq & NGTZombies


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