Capcom listened! No on-disc DLC for DmC

It’s pretty galling when a company includes DLC on a retail disc, but only lets buyers access it by purchasing a seperate ‘download key’ through the online marketplace.

Unfortunately for Capcom, a few dab-hand coders caught them in on the act, then proceeded to verbally kick their collective asses five ways to Limbo.

Thankfully, 2013 will see the major developer/publisher turn over a new leaf. With DmC being the first major release of the year, and Capcom still suffering for some of last year’s mistakes, they realise it’s time to make some amends and reckon that the Son of Sparda will be the first step on the road to regaining our trust.

Revealed by fact-sheets and a news post on The Sixth Axis, Capcom have confirmed that DmC will not include on-disc DLC. This seperates DmC from recent Capcom titles such as Resident Evil 6 and Streetfighter X Tekken, and means that the recently announced Vergil’s Downfall will be a completely separate entity.


Does January 15th seem too far away? Why not watch this CG Theater Trailer doing the rounds. It has guns, demons and women. Oh, and Dante.

(Source: Capcom, The Sixth Axis)



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