Goat Simulator Gets Free DLC

Those fine folks at Coffee Stain Studios have today announced that there will be a new expansion to popular simulate-em-up Goat Simulator. Dubbed the Goat MMO simulator, the expansion appears to add a fantasy realm, sheep war and a microwave on legs… So a must play for die hard goat…


Europa Universalis IV – Art of War is Out Now

Those fine folks over at Paradox Interactive have released the latest and greatest expansion to the award-winning grand strategize-em-up Europa Universalis IV – Art of War. Dubbed the “largest expansion DLC in Paradox history” and features: – Revamped Papal election and curia system – Religious leagues in totally redone Reformation structure,…


Qora – As We Play

I’ll admit, when I was handed a copy of Qora to review by the gaming overlords here at Expansive Towers, I had never heard of it or its creator, first time game designer Holden Boyles. I took to the Internet to do a spot of pre-gaming reserach. Qora (or Spirit…


DeadCore is out now!

You know what we don’t have enough of? That’s right, platforming first person shooters set in mysterious futuristic worlds. That my friend, is where 5 bits Games interesting new exploratory puzzle-em-up DeadCore comes in; said to combine exploration, puzzles and speedrun tactics this could be the game we have all…


Son of Nor Gets New Exciting Stuff

If you haven’t taken a look at upcoming adventure-em-up Son of Nor yet now might be the opportune moment after developer Stillalive Studios released a bunch of new content on Steam Early Access today. That’s right players can now enjoy some, more or all of the following: New levels New…

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