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July DLC Release Schedule

Gaming releases are finally starting to slow down, though there are a few notable releases in July. Civilization V will receive another major expansion in the form of Brave New World. We’ll also get to see The Walking Dead: 400 Days on all formats. The first Bioshock Infinite DLC is…


Ubisoft launches Watch Dogs WeareData website

Set for release in the next few months, Watch Dogs publisher Ubisoft has gone all out and launched WeareData, an experiential website designed to gather and graph publicly unprotected social data. So far, only three cities are initially available; London, Paris, and Berlin. The website, an impressive promotional tool for the…


Beatbuddy new name & release date

Recently we reported on the work going on behind the scenes at upcoming title Beatbuddy from independent German developers THREAKS. Today the THREAKS team got in contact with us again to announce that the game has been renamed to “Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians” and will release worldwide for PC, Max and Linux…