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The Banner Saga Gets Physical

The really rather spiffing viking-themed tactical role-play-em-up, The Banner Saga, is coming to real world stores near you, assuming you live in Europe, Australia or New Zealand, that is. But you don’t just get a copy of the game, oh no; this is The Banner Saga: The Collector’s Edition, baby!…

As We Play

Gods Will Be Watching – As We Play

Format – PC Version 1.01 After spending a good few hours with Gods Will Be Watching, I came to a brutal conclusion about the current state of the video games industry. Independent gaming has not only buried AAA, but it has stamped, weed and crapped all over its grave. AAA…


Castle of Illusion Comes To Mac

That’s right, folks! Soon hipsters everywhere will be able to get their grubby mitts on the rather spiffing Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse; the fantastical re-imagining of the beloved Mega Drive classic. If you missed out on the original now is your chance to take control of everyones’ favourite…


Another Turbulent Week for Microsoft

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times for Microsoft. They endured yet another turbulent week that consisted of service outages, shutting down of services and further updates to improve the Xbox One console. In the long hot summer, my gaming habit often takes a back seat,…

First Play

Over 9000 Zombies! First Play

Zombie shooters are a pretty common mainstay in today’s game market so any candidates that want to get themselves noticed have to differentiate themselves from the slew of competitors. “Over 9000 Zombies!” does this by implementing a crafting system where players can make walls and turrets to defend themselves from…


No Girls Allowed!

Update: In a turn of events the IeSF has reversed its regulation on gender restrictions in response to all the feedback received on the issue. “ IeSF shall have two event categories: “Open for All” events and events that are reserved for women. The events which were initially set aside as…