Borderlands 2 OS-X gets updated and put on sale

Leaderboards, achievements and co-op with Game Center friends have all been added to Borderlands 2 OS-X, developer Aspyr have announced. This will likely mean that the cross-platform compatibility with PC will return after disappearing due to a Gearbox update to the Windows version. All current DLC is also now available…


Under the Ocean future updates revealed

Under the Ocean is a survival platformer which sees the player washed up on the shore of an island. Their goal? Survive. This is achieved through finding shelter, hunting for food and creating electricity. Recently released on Steam as part of the Early Access feature, the developer, Paul Greasley, is…


Patch Review: Crysis 3 – 1.3

It’s pretty obvious that Crysis 3 wasn”t intended for current generation consoles. Bringing the trilogy to a close on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 may look and sound great, but it certainly doesn’t feel great. This is a PC game, through and through. Playing it on Xbox 360 has definitely been…