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Mortal Kombat X Trailer Unveiled

On its release in 1992, Mortal Kombat caused uproar with parents and American Senators alike for its ‘realistic’ ultra-violence and became the first game to receive a Mature ESRB rating. A string of sequels and even a couple of terrible movies followed, then after the successful reboot by those wonderful…


June 2014 DLC Release Schedule

June is all about the E3 hype-train. Expectedly, the game releases have slowed down considerably, and those that are releasing are not seeing a great amount of content. At least, not right away. Most have pre-order incentives, such as the Bruce Lee character for UFC and Wildstar’s Deluxe Edition extras….


An introduction to FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 14 is a game millions of people around the world play every day. It’s enjoyable and drives football fans crazy with its fast, frantic gameplay and detailed modes and options. Arguably the biggest feature of FIFA 14 is the Ultimate Team game mode, and yet, many have still never…


Watch Dogs Price Alerts

Over the last few weeks, gaming news seems to have been dominated by two stories: the concern or anticipation – depending on your view point – of the strictly embargoed Watch Dogs and that Microsoft have been listening to their customers and making changes accordingly. A week later and Watch…