Xbox One


Xbox One Reputation System explained

OXM got the scoop on the new Xbox One Reputation System and it definitely has more implications for the user than anything the Xbox 360 put in place. Rather than the standard 5-star rating system, player behaviour will be tracked. Microsoft’s aim is that you won’t ever need to mute…


Ubisoft launches Watch Dogs WeareData website

Set for release in the next few months, Watch Dogs publisher Ubisoft has gone all out and launched WeareData, an experiential website designed to gather and graph publicly unprotected social data. So far, only three cities are initially available; London, Paris, and Berlin. The website, an impressive promotional tool for the…


Interview: JAW Ltd

The team at JAW Ltd have had an incredible E3, capping off a story that is a legacy for the ages. The Oddworld games were a major staple of generations of yesteryear. Abe and his quirky cast helped define a generation on PS1, setting industry standards in animation and interactivity. The games eventually…