Xbox One


Mad Max Has A Trailer

After a 28 year hiatus, Mad Max is back. There’s a movie coming out next year but more exciting for gamers is that there’s a game coming out via those nice folks at Avalanche Studios. They have a decent pedigree with the Just Cause games, so they should do a…

Content Update

F2P: A Fighting Model for the Future?

During E3, Microsoft lifted the lid on a project many gamers have dreamt about for years. After a wealth of speculation, they revealed that Killer Instinct will not only be making a return, it’ll be available at launch for Xbox One. On paper, a launch title like that doesn’t get much bigger….


Xbox One Reputation System explained

OXM got the scoop on the new Xbox One Reputation System and it definitely has more implications for the user than anything the Xbox 360 put in place. Rather than the standard 5-star rating system, player behaviour will be tracked. Microsoft’s aim is that you won’t ever need to mute…