The amazing people at Insert Coin Clothing have generously provided us with three rather excellent prizes.

We’re offering our readers three vouchers to spend on the Insert Coin Clothing website for the total of £20, £10 and £5.

For this competition, we will have a first, second and third prize and all you have to do to win is reply to this message and tell us which Insert Coin Clothing design you would like to see next and why? Ideally, this will be a game or piece of gaming hardware that Insert Coin Clothing have not worked on or are not announced to be working on.

If you’re feeling especially creative, you could even include a design and drawing and tweet, facebook or email it over to us.

The competition will run over the weekend and winners will be announced on Monday afternoon at 1pm GMT.


First Prize: £20 Voucher
Second Prize: £10 Voucher
Third Prize: £5 Voucher

Best of luck. We will be sharing all your entries with the Insert Coin Clothing team, so no pressure!

Have fun!

  • Lauren Anne

    Possibly Ni No Kuni? Mr Drippy’s Familiars pet shop? Or Ollies Automobile garage?

  • James Lockey

    A design based on the Metroid game series would go a long way to attracting ‘core’ gamers and by focussing on such games and the like that have defined gaming, rather than have them keep jumping on the current bandwagon of lazy design for popular MP games etc. Castlevania also would be an awesome start. Modern retro…if such a thing exists. As a graphic designer myself, I know what I like…

    No offence but there is a lot of chaff hiding the genuinely awesome tees, of which there are quite few in number.

    Less ‘official’ (expensive) licenses and a return to complex, awesome, but not obvious designs would be a bonus.

  • Charlotte Barnes

    Day of the Tentacle! I loved that game :)

  • Gordon Franks

    Hey James Lockey! You’re talking out of your hat! Sounds like you’re use a bit tight and living in a time warp, rather than being a qualified critic. Not sure how Devil May Cry and an entire range of SEGA designs are modern MP. BEHAVE SON.

  • Gordon Franks

    And I’d choose Remember Me as the game to do next. Definitely.

  • Avenging Angel

    Bro, Metroid is dead after Other M and Metroid is hardly core. I want to see Silent Hill and Pac Man!

    • Yann Ilussov

      love the guy says ‘know your roots’. thing is metroids more deadwood now. XD

  • James Lockey

    Hey Gordon Franks! Know your roots.

  • André C

    light armor like gw2 clothing

  • Yann Ilussov

    deffo the new devil may cry. love me some dante hotness.

  • Rod Bell

    This is great – Kino Der Toten and if I won I’d buy it straight away :D I’d love to see some Borderlands inspired ones.