Competition: Resident Evil 6

The good folk at Capcom have given us 3 x Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Modes packs on Xbox 360 and some Resident Evil 6 watches to giveaway!

So, wanna know how to never be late for a zombie invasion again? We got you covered…

Each code will give players access to the three brand new multiplayer modes for Resident Evil 6 which we reviewed here – Onslaught, Predator and Survivors. These codes are for Xbox 360 only

You also have the chance of winning some Resident Evil 6 watches (number to be confirmed) pictured below…

All you have to do to win is either

  • Reply to this message with your best zombie survival tactics. What would you do if you were in a crisis situation, surrounded by hordes of the undead? Our favorite three will receive Resident Evil 6 MP codes on Xbox 360


  • Give us your best zombie face. Share it in the comments below. Send it to our Twitter feed, share it on our Facebook page, you can even email us – – We’ll even share some of our favorites, and give our favorites a Resident Evil 6 watch! 

You can put in an entry for both competitions, and it will be possible for an individual to win in both competitions.

Both competitions close on Wednesday February 20th at 9pm GMT – After the cut-off, we’ll judge the winners and get all prizes sent out.


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Readers Comments (3)

  1. I’d make sure first that anyone I took along knew which part of the body is the head and also how to aim for it. Then I’d buy alot of planks and make a very tall ‘Endor Forest’ style home network in our local Costco. No stupid lumbering zombie is going to be able to climb up to my stashes of Gummi Marios and Flying ‘Sherbert’ Saucers.

    However I’ll be knackered if there the 28 Day Later Zombies (not Zombies), but we shan’t look that way.

    All the best

    FB – Bell The-Destroyer

  2. The key is the location of your chill pad when it comes to surviving the undead hordes:

    1. Don’t lock yourself up in a basement.

    2. Don’t stay on ground level.

    3. Don’t have more than one point of entry.

    If you follow those three, then you’re pretty much left with only two locations to hole-up in: high places and boats. Both with sources of water potentially collectible from and easy waste solutions.

    Should you decide to make your stand in the upper floors of a building (having cleared out the zombies on the floors above you and the ones you’re on, you can try below, but you’d still want some security), ensure you block-up and/or demolish stairwells. The guy in 28 Days Later had it right. Obviously make sure you’ve got some good ropes and ladders handy.

    On the boat front: you need to know how to sail and this also means not relying on a craft that is motorised. You need sails and you need to know how to sew and make knots in ropes. Water collection can be a bit more difficult, depending on whether you’ve invested in the right kit.

    But in either case: have a perimeter watch. Nothing is foolproof when it comes to zombies.

  3. 1)I will remain as close as possible to other survivors, in hordes it would be difficult for zombies to get on to us
    2)Find a suitable weapon and aim for head
    3)Rather than using more weapons i would use my brain to get the hell out of town


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