Controversial Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Shadow Heritage DLC to receive new patch

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Legacy of the First Blade Season Pass came under fire last week following the recent Shadow Heritage DLC.

There is a story development towards the end of the second DLC which takes place with Kassandra and Alexios that has upset many gamers.

When Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was first pitched, players were not only provided the option to play as a male or female throughout the entirety of the game, the marketing advised you had a variety of romantic options available to you.

While trying to avoid spoilers in this instance, let’s just say the recent DLC concluded in such a way that this messaging was ignored, and it disregarded many players’ choices throughout the entirety of Odyssey. Not just that, but players are “awarded” a very poorly named trophy once the DLC concludes.

Now Ubisoft have responded, not only with an apology, but with action. A Ubisoft Community Manager took to the Ubisoft forums, once again apologising, but also promising changes were coming in a new patch.

Specifically, the aforementioned cutscene will be altered and lines of dialogue edited so that it is more in-line with the choices players have made throughout the game. UbiPhobos, the community manager, also assured that the trophy/achievement in question will be renamed and that the final episode – Bloodline – will better represent player’s prior activities in the game.

We have the Season Pass now and will look to review all content shortly. It’s encouraging Ubisoft have listened and responded, but extremely disappointing that the content enforced a decision that wasn’t appropriate for everyone’s playthrough and that it passed quality control in the first place.

While we haven’t played the content yet – we’re well aware of what happens – we will look to play it through to completion – before and after the patch is released – so as to properly weigh in on this discussion.

Have you tried the Shadow Heritage content yet? What are your thoughts? Sound out below.

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