CS:GO Gets A Reworked Hostage Mode

CS:GO has just been graced with a reworked Hostage mode, along with a brand new map, cs_militia.

Balance will no longer be an issue as Valve have taken it upon themselves to rework the whole Hostage mode in CS:GO. A number of key changes have been made to ensure that both the CT and T sides of a game have equal footing when it comes to dominating a map.

Two of the key changes that have been made are the decrease in hostage numbers and the way in which the hostages are transported to the safe zone. Previously there were four hostages placed on any given map and to win the game you had to rescue every one of them. After the update, however, players will only have to rescue one of the two placed hostages to secure victory for their team.

In addition to this, players will now have to interact with the hostages for a lengthy four seconds so that they can be picked up fireman style and be transported to the safe-zone. Fret not, though, the four seconds can be reduced as an item called the “rescue kit”  can be purchased, reducing your interaction time down to a measly second.

All of this combined with the newly added map cs_militia, forms an entirely reworked hostage mode.

All of this has gone live already, so to test it out, it’s as simple as booting up the game.

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