Crusader Kings II pays a visit to the Old Gods

While Crusader Kings 2 is already bursting at the seams with content, Paradox Interactive have announced yet another expansion pack for the game.

Entitled ‘The Old Gods’, this next expansion will bring some highly requested features to the game.

Players will begin their reign in 867 AD where the Old Gods were still mighty. Here’s the official blurb from Paradox.

In England, the Raven Banner flew as the Great Heathen Army pillaged its way across the land, deposing kings and establishing the Danelaw. In the East, Rurik founded the state of Russia, and in the forests and steppes of central Europe, pagan tribes were on the move..

Players will become pagan chieftains, and bring invasion, adventure and holy war to Crusader Kings 2.

See the full list of features here…

  • Restore the Old Gods to prominence through sacrifice and divination, or force the pagans to convert through new misisonary missions.
  • 200 years of more gameplay with the special 867AD bookmark
  • Rebels are no longer faceless rabble, but led by defined characters with specific agendas.
  • Watch as landless younger sons and charismatic warriors raise armies.
  • Loot provinces and burn cities to the ground – lest your warlike people grow angry during extended peacetime!
  • Convert Heathens or play as them and survive, reforming your faith to stand the test of time.
  • Declare your intent to invade a rich target, and watch adventurers and opportunists flock to your banner.
  • A new pagan interface is available alongside all-new events, decisions and units

Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods releases Q2 2013. You’ll want to check out this teaser trailer to keep you going until then.

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