Dead Cells 1.1 DLC on Switch adds new custom game mode, improved items, and near 60 FPS

Dead Cells has just received a massive content update on Switch which lets you customize your runs, update your items, and improve the quality of performance.

It follows the recent update on PC and offers mostly the same fixes, save for some platform-specific issues. These include an upgrade to the Homunculus skill so you can use your own turrets, also reworking and re-balancing of the mutations system.

Mob auto-scaling has been tweaked with damage being heavily reworked, and bosses not dropping legendary items any more.

The big news, though, is that Dead Cells is close to running at 60fps on Switch, with Motion Twin continuing to work on this.

The patch notes are simply massive and for all the changes, take a look here.  Motion Twin certainly know how to do an update.

We adored Dead Cells when it released on consoles last year, giving it a near perfect score. See why in our review.