Pixel People, a game which lets you build a utopia and create endless possibilities in pixelated form has received a fancy new update.

Version 1.20 not only introduces several bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, but now romantic genes can be obtained in your first surprise, one more building gets a hidden feature and there is even a better coin conversion rate in the shops.

  • Get your Romantic gene in your first Surprise and unlock the next 5 jobs!
  • One more building gets a hidden feature with potential for rewards.
  • Get FREE Utopium by choosing to watch ads in the Buy Utopium menu
  • We have balanced the expansion costs to help make even bigger Utopias!
  • Better coin conversion rates in the shop
  • Bug Fixes & Gameplay tweaks!

Plus –  A Juicy Real Estate Reward comes free with this update! (+5 Land for everyone!)

The update is available now and can be grabbed right here