Funcom have announced that The Secret World will receive a DLC pack, this March.

Issue #6 will see players fighting an ancient god, Aten, in Egypt. Under the guidance of Dark Prophet, Abdel Daoud, cultists worship the God and seek to weaken the tireless Marya who have stood against them for so long. The player must intervene in this war and free some of the captured warriors.

The story supposedly concludes on top of ‘The Last Train to Cairo’. Sounds pretty epic to me!

The news post continues.

In addition to the many missions in the new story line, and their side missions which can be taken to gain powerful rewards, Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo, also offers the new and unique Whip Auxilliary weapon.

This whip is great for area damage, but also buff the team by encouraging them to run faster and be used for some crowd control by pulling opponents towards the player.

There will also be a huge raid-size adversary to take down in a shrouded location in the South Pacific.

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