Everquest Patches Everything In New Update

A new update for Everquest patching items, quests, events, spells, NPCs, AA, achievements, servers and more has been released.

There is plenty to go through in the patch notes but the Everquest Team have highlighted the best parts of the update.

– Erollisi Day is coming! To get you in the mood, appropriately-themed items are available now on the Marketplace. Erollisi Day hats compatible with the Hero’s Forge feature are also dropping from mobs throughout Norrath.
– New Hero’s Forge wizard hat ornaments are now available! One can be purchased from Keliss Arden in Plane of Knowledge, and five more are available as drops.
– Warriors have a new Heroic Blade activated AA available. Respect!
– Many spawn locations for Collection items in Rain of Fear zones have been moved. This should resolve previous problems with unreachable or bugged locations.
– Mercenaries level 90 and above now regenerate hit points faster when out of combat.

The full patch notes can be read here.

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