Final Fantasy XV 1.01 not running smoothly on PS4 Pro

As we previously mentioned, several retailers broke street date and some players have been able to get their hands on Final Fantasy XV early.

More suprisingly, however, there are early reports and videos from players which reveal PS4 Pro performance is way below expectation.

Originally spotted on GAF, here’s a comparison video which shows Camera Panning in the Tutorial. Bear in mind, this is after the epic sized 7GB Day One Patch.

It’s worth noting that this is not a hardware issue, rather a case of the developer not capping frame rate properly on the software.

Yet, this is not the first time a release – new or old – has actually performed worse on the Pro compared to the base PS4 model. Clearly, developers are still working on understanding the technology and naturally there will be teething problems. But while some have been subsequently patched, this is still not good news for Sony.

The same YouTube contributor later posted a video showing comparison with the Base PS4 Version, the Lite Pro Mode, and the High Mode. They do state in the video description that this issue does seem restricted to the Tutorial Mode, but the differences remain clear to see.

It’s become clear the Pro optimization has been rushed and seems like a last minute implementation, though a Pro Patch has already been confirmed for release in December. This will offer a 4K mode, as well as a High Frame Rate Mode with talks of trying to reach 1080p/60fps

Some have suggested the video makes the framepacing appear worse than in-game – this is entirely possible – and while we can’t attest to this as we don’t currently have access, it’s very clear that work still needs to be done.

It’s also important to note that this is still pre-release software and has been in development on base PS4 hardware for years – waaaay before Sony were even talking about the Pro.

Still, the early signs have got to be a little bit concerning for Pro owners as many saw Final Fantasy XV as a great showcase title for the hardware and a reason to upgrade in the first place.

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