First of Flame & Frost: The Razing details revealed for Guild Wars 2

‘The Razing’ will be the 3rd in the Flame & Frost series for Guild Wars 2 which is bringing several new updates to the game and the Living Story. ‘The Prelude’ saw a new currency named ‘Laurels’ added to the game which players were rewarded with for completing daily and monthly achievements, guesting was also added into the game. ‘The Gathering Storm’ swept up a brand new PvP map named Spirit Watch, guild missions such as bounties and puzzles, team rated PvP and players could choose their own daily achievements. Now ‘The Razing’ is almost upon us and is filled with just as much exciting content as the previous updates.

WvWers players will see the best of the new content released in this update. A progression system is being added to the game, while playing WvW players will earn World XP which will level up their WvW ranking. Upon ranking up new titles and abilities can be purchased that are exclusive to WvW. New achievements are also being released along side the current WvW achievements that are in the game. Culling is finally being fixed after rigorous testing by ArenaNet which eliminate players noting seeing large groups coming toward them.


Leaderboards for Wvw rankings, PvP rankings and total amount of achievements points are being added to the game. The leaderboards website will not be visible to players until ArenaNet is sure that the information on there is stable enough. There will also be more captives for guilds to capture while completing a guild bounty.

The Living Story sees Dredge and Flame Legion terrorize the residents of Diessa Plateay and Wayfarer Foothills even more with their new surveillance posts which much be destroyed. Two new characters are being added to the game who both bring their own side quests. Join Braham as he returns to the Shiverpeaks to deliver aid to the Norn who stayed behind, the Charr Rox has been sent on a mercy mission by Rytlock Brimstone and will need the assistance of players to complete her mission.


At a glance some of the updates that have been expected might not be there, if we’ve learned anything from the last 2 updates we know that Areanet like to keep things under hat until the update is out. So expect plenty more from this update and all the details will be here upon release.


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