Geoff The Cat gets his own game. We run a competition to celebrate

We generally report on patches, mods, updates, fixes and the expansion of gaming worlds.

On this occassion, however, we couldn’t not talk about our mascot getting his very own game.

Last night, you may have seen a new image of Geoff floating around our Facebook and Twitter page. This is actually a piece of concept art from his video game debut.

Introducing Cat of Duty: Black Stripes…


Geoff is a cat with attitude and he’s sick of being trodden on, tickled, cuddled and generally disrespected. He’s not gonna take it anymore.

In Black Stripes, Geoff will take up arms against the entire neighborhood. Everyone who has ever said ‘awww, what a cute kittie’ and ‘there’s a woochy coochy ickle thing’ is getting a watercannon IN. THE. FACE.

However, instead of just going all out, guns-blazing, Geoff can cleverly manipulate his enemies. He can holster the watercannon at any time, enter the cat flap of any person’s home and use his deep blue, sparkly eyes to charm a neighbour into pouring him a saucer of milk. What the unsuspecting neighbor doesn’t realize is that milk is Geoff’s deadliest weapon.

If a player continuously takes regular milk breaks in-between squirting civilians, Geoff can gain access to Milk-Streaks. These Milk-Streaks will redefine the FPS genre as they allow Geoff to access new weapons, summon a rain of flying cats from out of the sky to dive-bomb houses, and even give our beloved mascot laser eyesight (now you know why he wears those deep, dark sunglasses…)

Don’t worry, multiplayer will also be a big part of Black Stripes: Team Catmatch, Free-For-All, Capture the Yarnball, Cap a LOLCat, Caticide, and even Death Cat Rally modes will be available at launch. We’re also going to offer a Season Pass for more maps and modes when the game launches. It just couldn’t be  a game about Geoff if it didn’t have some DLC.

We can confirm that the game will release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U (We’re not kidding!), PC, Playstation Vita and 3DS.

At this time, we do not anticipate Cat of Duty: Black Stripes to be a next-gen release, but we all agree the game runs extremely comfortably with current-gen hardware and we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Expect to see Cat of Duty: Black Stripes at some point at a later date in the future yet to be determined.


What do you think? Not your thing? Maybe you guys think Geoff should have a better game for his debut? Perhaps we got it wrong.

If you have a great idea, why not share it with us? In fact, we’ll pick a winner later today and give them a copy of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Just reply to this message and give us a short summary of a game you’d like to see Geoff the Cat star in. You don’t have to draw a logo, but you’re more than welcome to add that to your entry.


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