Competition: Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition

So, you might have heard us mention some big and amazing competition. We really weren’t kidding.

How would you like to win one of two Collector’s Editions of Guild Wars 2?

We’re going to run a separate competition for each Collector’s Edition, but you can enter both. While you won’t win both copies, entering both competitions will increase your chances of winning one of them.

Don’t know what’s in a Collector’s Edition? Let these pictures do the talking…GW2_CE_Packshot_3D_UK_psd_jpgcopy


Bet you’re wondering how you can get your hands on that, eh? Here’s what we want you to do…

One way to win is by following ExpansiveDLC on Twitter and RT’ing the following tweet

I want to win a Collector’s Edition of @guildwars2 with @expansivedlc and travel to Tyria! #expansiveGW2 Closes 01/03/13 8PM GMT (Follow/RT)

Or you can ‘Like’ our Facebook page and ‘Like’ and/or share this status…

I want to win a Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2 with Expansive DLC and travel to Tyria! Closes 01/03/13 8PM GMT

The other way to win is to reply to this message and tell us in 250 words why you want to visit Tyria? Which locations interest you? Who would you like to meet? What would you do? Which factions would you befriend? The most detailed and creative entry will win a copy of the game.

Remember: If you enter both competitions, you will only win one copy of the game, but entering both competitions will improve your chances of getting a copy.

Also: If you do enter, please be sure to leave contact details so we can get in touch if you’re lucky enough to win.

Closing Date: Friday 1st March 2013 – 8pm GMT


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Ray Willmott

Ray is the founder and editor of Expansive. He is also a former Community Manager for Steel Media, and has written for a variety of gaming websites over the years. His work can be seen on Pocket Gamer,, Gfinity, and the Red Bull Gaming Column. He has also written for VG247, Videogamer, GamesTM, PLAY, and MyM Magazine,

Readers Comments (17)

  1. To travel the world of Guildwars 2 with family and friends. Alas there can no better use of words to explain thee

  2. I don’t want to visit, I want to get back to Tyria. Somehow I got stuck in this world and I’ve been searching for a way back for as long as I remember. I want to get back to my friends… My family… My love that I left behind. I know how to get back. I found a portal, but it can only be unlocked by a 25 cm Rytlock figurine during a special ritual. The ritual instructions are kept within a metal box with drawings of the land I left behind… Please… Help me get back…

  3. I want to visit Tyria cuz it seems like an amazin place and wanna go to Divinity’s Reach and fight the dragons!

  4. I’ve been captivated by the Guild Wars
    experience since I first saw the massive original game’s box in the store. ran
    it on a sloooow line forever, but kept on playing. Was in love!

    I loved every moment and cannot wait to set foot in a new
    Guild Wars era.

    I cannot wait to see the magical Sylvari forest, the lore
    and race certainly have me enchanted.

    My profession would either be a necromancer or engineer;
    minions are wonderful little things ;).

    I’m excited about finding dynamic events and joining the

    Joining a guild is also a must, since I mostly played solo
    in the original GW.

    Overall, I’d just love to once again have the Guild Wars
    experience, a new story, a beautiful game and hours of fun.


  5. I killed the Lich King. I need to kill Zhaitan. You must provide me passage into the world to let me fulfill my destiny!

  6. I was born in the wrong form. I know deep down inside my flippers that I was meant to be a Quaggan … no … I am a Quaggan. I have tried everything in this world to complete the transformation. Everything from elongating the words I speak to allowing someone to wear me as a backpack (this one got a little awkward). I even tried going into Quaggan rage mode but I just ended up wetting myself and getting told off by my mother (she just doesn’t understand my true calling). Thus I have discovered that the only way I can truly become a Quaggan is by delving deep into the world of Tyria. You have the power to complete my transformation so I leave it up to you. You know what to dooooOOOooooOooOo!

  7. fantastic 😀 let’s try! tnx expansivedlc!

  8. The first thing I would do when I got to visit Tyria is surprising the lady of my favour, who often visits Tyria, but lives in a different country than me in the “Real Life” as some might call it, climb up some greater hill or mountain and watch the magnificent sun set, spending a virtual evening together as we can not do in real life, sad as it is, due to our geographical boundings.
    And after all these almost pathetically romantic procedures, we would go out there, slaying some ulgy trolls, because killing evil beings together is the most noble form of mutual affection, as you will surely agree.
    Furthermore, we would join the Order Of Whispers because, as Meher Baba already acknowledged in his pure indian wisdom: “The bigger the love, the softer the voice.” I’d wager this is also true as for the sharpness of the blade the speaker wields; for the most silent ninjas often happen to be the deadliest among them. Coincidence? Methinks not.
    Together, the most awesome team in the history of Tyria, we shall rise within their ranks and eventually not only be able to safeguard the citizens of our so sacred world against the rise and wrath of the Elder Dragons, but also provide the peace and spread all the love our world deserves and needs, for the ultimate way of life is the one of peace and equality, even if that means to eradicate every evil man or woman or beast from the face of our beloved Tyria.
    And I swear solemnly; I will not rest until I have accomplished my work and fulfilled my pledges, so I, the women of my heart, and every other of these so graceful creatures in this world may live happily, until time and space will end.

    If you find my cause a noble one, as I do, and should come to the same conclusion as I did; that helping me conduct it would be the most rightful thing to do, you, o most benevolent giver, may contact me via

    I look forward to hear of you decision and remain faithfully,
    Janik Pahl

  9. The reason I want this GW2 colector’s is not to get it for myself (well the phisical goodies would be for myself xD) but for a friend, in gw1 I had some of the best gamming friends, but some friend didn’t join gw2, so my goal would be to keep the amazing charr with me and travel with (even) 1 more friend in the lands of tyria

  10. I want to travel to Tyria because I can’t find any damn good jumping puzzles to do in real life. Also, wielding a sword in town is supposedly “illegal” so I guess I’ll just have to wield it in Hoelbrak with my Norn friends.

  11. After leaving everything I’ve known and loved in Guild Wars 1, I wish to create new memories with my online-comrades that have left me in the dust. I only hope that I can reconnect with them once again in the land of Tyria after seeking them and their guild out. If that does not happen, I would make new friends, help others who are inexperienced and more like that. We would take on noble quests for even the lowest of peasants that roam the land. For the honour and reputation, not for the gain.
    Striking fear into the black-hearts of my enemies and foes(Moa’s, Devourers, Bats, Trolls, Wurms and others), they shall cringe at the sight of my fearless determination, wreck-havocking maul and blood stained across my Charr face. They will recognise me when they hear the screams of their allies in the night. Nobody will match-up to my prowess on the battlefield without being on my side. Otherwise, I am the commander on the field, with experience from other MMORPG’s and being a guild leader, I have the means to help my team and begin a new, great guild that would, I pray, have an impact; an impact on anyone, as long as it’s for the better. Winning is great in PvP, especially WorldvWorld someday, but how and whether you have fun, is another matter. If I join an already-created guild, I will aspire to rise through the ranks as swiftly as time would allow me to.
    I wish to go wherever the adventure and mystery takes me, whether to a puzzle-room or fighting mighty dragons with my comrades. In my opinion, I think it would be great to meet someone who played a great part in the development of Guild Wars 2, though no-one in particular. I would roleplay and pretend to be a bandit running out of coin, being forced to take-up hired work which would involve slaying wild beasts or taking up contracts to kill other players in PvP. Anything is possible.
    I do not know much of the locations within Tyria, but that is what having the experience and ability to say I have been there is what this is for, no?

    You must provide safe-entry for me into this wonderous land, or I will never be able to get there, contribute and achieve my goals.

    -Around 260+ words

    -Contact me @CMistaC on Twitter OR/AND

  12. I want to become a Charr.

    The Charr are just, I can’t even think of a word for them.

    Feral? Beastly? They’re like, Rengar from League of Legends! Kinda like a fluffy and adorable beast, which is still capable of tearing you a new one. Strike fear into the hearts of the enemy as you leap at them with a giant axe, while also making them squeal in adorableness.

  13. I am a Charr. I am a Guardian. I need to protect the people of Tyria. But in order to so i need one of the copies of the Collectors Edition. Otherwise i will never be able to fulfill my destiny.
    This is my call. Now i need to reach out and grab my chance of victory. I will bring Zhaitan down! Because i have all the help from the Order of Whispers. They will help me defeat him.
    Never have Tyria been so afraid. Let us kill that fear. But to do so i need a ticket to Tyria. You are that ticket. You must let me protect the people of Tyria. You must help me get there.

  14. Please send me on vacation to Tyria! The Pandaren are holding me hostage! I would really love to see new lands and meet new races. I have the brochure and it looks awesome! Please DM at @EricLebkuecher.

  15. I would like living in Tyria being a guardian Norn and helping to defeat Zhaitan and their allies.
    All the Dragons must die. And my sword and magic are the answer.
    I want to visit volcanos, snow mountains, prairies, deserts….. fighting with wargs, centaurs, demons of all kinds and , of course, helping all the citizens with their tasks.
    I NEED to visit dungeons with my comrades solving puzzles and defeating bosses to make Tyria a better place to live.
    And of course making a name for the History. With a legendary weapon and flaming armor which defeating Zhaitan.

  16. I would like to win the Collector’s edition so that my daughter can come travel with me in Tyria. I’d like to introduce her to old (GW1 guild) friends and new guild members, kill The Claw of Jormag and /cry over the rubbish drops. Run riot in WVWVW for the best server in the world, Join her in her story misssions as she levels a character, and generally spend time doing something fun online because we’ve not seen each other for three years.

  17. I want to visit Tyria 250 years later. Experience the changes after the dragons awoke. Visit the locations from the book Ghost of Ascalon (haven’t read the other 2 yet.) and be part of the epic adventure as charr warrior in-game.
    Let’s break the rule “Don’t adventure with people you’d hate to see die.” ~ Dougal Keane, and make many new friends online.


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