Guild Wars 2 levelling system adjusted

Isaiah Cartwrite outlines the recent changes to the dynamic leveling system in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has always had a leveling system unlike any other game, but it’s not perfect. ArenaNet have tried to address this and Isiah Cartwritght has written a blog post to outline two major changes that have been made:

  1. The formula for how attributes are calculated when the dynamic leveling adjustment system scales levels down – This change was made with the intention of getting the higher level players to return to lower level zones.
  2. The formula for how rewards are calculated when scaled down to make it more rewarding for high-level players to visit low-level areas – This has the intention of making it so that when you do return to these lower levelled zones, your efforts will not be in vain and you will be rewarded accordingly.

The main aim of the balance patch is to ensure that low level and high level players have fun in any zone in the game. In addition to this, at the end of the blog post, Cartwright mentions the teams intentions of adding more content to the map for every level character in the game, as well as stronger reward structures for playing across locations in the world.

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