Hearthstone The Witchwood expansion Echo keyword revealed

Hearthstone’s upcoming The Witchwood expansion will be get a full card reveal next Monday but today we’ve found out more about the Echo Keyword.

The Echo Keyword can be played multiple times on the same turn, though is reliant on you having sufficient mana.

It is useful for both early and late game, giving players a freedom to decide the best time to play cards. Do they play the Echo card as soon as possible, or wait to try and gain a strategic advantage, using it multiple times for bigger effect.

The Witchwood expansion for Hearthstone lets players join Gilneas’ most cunning and courageous heroes as they hunt monsters and outwit witches. There is a bounty of 135 cards, some with new gameplay mechanics.

Peter Whalen, Lead Initial Designer of Hearthstone also revealed two new cards from The Witchwood that will use this keyword. They are the Face Collector –  A Rogue Legendary minion with a battlecry that adds a random Legendary minion to your hand and Warpath – a Warrior spell that deals 1 damage to all minions.


The full card reveal for The Witchwood takes place on Monday, March 26th at 7pm GMT on the official Hearthstone Twitch Channel.

You can pre-purchase The Witchwood in a 50 pack bundle for a limited one-time price of $49.99 and receive 20 bonus cards, along with the limited A Dark Wood card back.

The Witchwood is set to release in mid-April.


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