Joe Danger meets Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft

Hello Games have been busy making friends on PC. Friendships that have elicited some exciting results.

To celebrate the PC launch of Joe Danger next week, the team have a few announcements to make.

First up, the team have added the entire Team Fortress 2 cast in Joe Danger as playable characters. Valve have fully endorsed this and now players can choose from Soldier to Heavy and even Spy. These iconic characters can now do bunny-hops and handlebar handstands like the infamous stunt-man himself.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hello Games have also introduced themselves to Mojang and as a result, players can now ride through Minecraft environments! Not only that, but in Joe Danger 2, they can even make their own Minecraft levels and share them over Steam Workshop.

Oh, oh … and they can race as Minecraft characters, including Pigman and The Player.

Good, grief! Just when we thought the Joe Danger games couldn’t be anymore awesome.


Joe Danger releases on PC on June 24th.

(Source: Hello Games)

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