This is one of the most remarkable in-game achievements we’ve ever seen.

Kings Landing recreated in Minecraft.

Yes, really…

Westeroscraft is an ambitious project. A team of 100 builders have spent over four months preparing for this…

WestorosCraft2-610x280 WestorosCraft4-610x341 WestorosCraft3



How amazing is that?

The team estimates there are 3,000 unique buildings, each decorated internally.

However, this is just one part of the map. The goal is to recreate the whole of Westeros. At present, the team estimates that 70% of the continent has been completed. This is also the first phase of the project. The second phase  will turn the mod into a full-blown, open world RPG. Yeah, you can sign me up for that!

However, work will only begin on Phase 2 when Mojang release the official API Minecraft mod.

If I had his number, i’d be getting Notch on the phone right now to hurry it up.





(Source: Westeroscraft)