League Of Legends gets new League system for Season 3

League of Legends finally gets an up to date ranking system that aims to make progress more rewarding.

With two seasons behind us, you have to wonder what kind of changes Riot will be making in the third season.

With the old ELO ranking system completely gone and the new League system taking full priority, a lot of changes have been made. Upon playing games, you will now be placed in tiers.  The tiers are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Challenger

You begin at bronze and work your way up with wins all the way up to challenger. What isn’t obvious is that, in all of the tiers except challenger, there are 5 other divisions. This means there is a total of 26 new ranks that summoners will have to earn. Not bad eh?

While playing in your team, your league will be determined by the division you are in and your total league points. By accumulating 100 league points (you get these from winning ranked games) you will be promoted.

That’s a lot of numbers to be thinking about when playing ranked.

If you want a full breakdown, head over here to see the full League update.

Oh, before I forget; if you hold one of the top 32 places in the 5v5 ranked Challenger tier, mid or end season, you will have a chance to go pro. Anyone going to go for it?


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