League of Legends Honours The Taipei Assassins

League of Legends is about to get a host of new skins dedicated to one of your favourite professional teams, the Taipei Assassins.

If you were living under a rock in season 2, you wouldn’t have know that the Taipei Assassins secured their  place in both fans hearts and League of Legends history by claiming victory on the Fields of Justice when faced with Azubu. The world champions are now appropriately getting a set of skins dedicated to them. The Assassins standard characters,  NuNu, Dr Mundo, Orianna, Ezreal and Shen will all be graced with new themed skins.

Although there is no firm release date or pricing for these skins, we’re hoping they’re out pretty soon as these look like some of the best skins that have been released in recent months. Retty would be proud.

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