Lonely (Gun) Monkeys Are A Thing Of The Past

The criminally under played Gun Monkeys could be getting a new lease of life after those lovely folks at Size Five Games announced a new initiative to bring new life to the games servers; free Steam keys!

Gun Monkeys for those who missed it the first time is a one v one procedurally generated monkey blaster packed with big guns, random levels and shiny blue energy cubes. If you can rack up a few battles you’re in for a treat but getting games has been tough at times as despite universally positive reviews the servers have at times been populated only by virtual tumbleweeds.

Keen to keep those of us who have shelled out for the game happily eviscerating monkeys into the wee small hours a new update pushed out today will chuck you a free Steam key to give to a buddy if you’re sitting on an empty server for a few minutes, and no one comes along for you to play against.

On this exciting and dare I say unprecedented move the Size Five Games’ propaganda machine said “The most frequent comment in my inbox at the moment is ‘this game is amazing, why aren’t more people playing it?’ Well, hopefully this move will bring in new interested players too, since they’ll always be able to play friends when servers are quiet. Free keys are limited per player, and it won’t generate free copies for ever, but for now it’s a fun and unusual way to combat the Curse of the Indie Multiplayer Game. Let’s see how it goes.”

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