March DLC Release Schedule

Saved up some cash? Hope so. March is stacked!

Here’s what’s coming up.

We’ll be constantly updating this as we learn new release dates so keep checking back!

March 5th Mass Effect 3   Citadel XBLA/PC/PS3 1200 MSP / $10.99
March 8th Sim City Heroes & Villains PC Pre-order bonus
March 8th Sim City Famous landmarks pack PC Pre-order bonus
March 12th Starcraft 2  Heart of the Swarm PC £25
March 19th Aliens: Colonial Marines Bug Hunt XBLA/PS3 $14.99
March 19th Assassin’s Creed 3 The Betrayal XBLA/PS3 800 MSP/$7.99
March 22nd Resident Evil 6 The Mercenaries: No Mercy PC PC exclusive mode
March 22nd Trials Evolution Gold Trials HD remastered levels PC £25
March 22nd Gears of War Judgement Alex Brand Character XBLA Shop-To Pre-order Exclusive
March 22nd Gears of War Judgement Gears of War 1 XBLA Pre-order bonus
March 22nd Gears of War Judgement VIP Season Pass XBLA 1600 MSP
March 23rd Muramasa: The Demon Blade Bizarre Genroku Tales Vita Unknown
March 24th Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Poke Forest Mystery Dungeon 3DS Free Download
March 26th Bioshock Infinite Season Pass XBLA/PC/PS3 1600 / $14.99
March 26th Tiger Woods 14 Course Packs XBLA/PS3/PC Unknown
March 26th Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel Hit Makers Kit XBLA/PS3/PC Pre-order bonus
March 26th Battlefield 3 End Game XBLA/PS3/PC Unknown
March 9th World of Warcraft Isle of the Thunder King PC Title Update
March Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost March Update PC Title Update
March Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Walker Herding XBLA/PSN Pre-order incentive
March 13th Dead Space 3 Awakened XBLA/PSN 800 MSP/$7.99
March The Sims University Life PC Unknown
March Battlefield 3 End Game XBLA/PC/PS3 $15/1200MSP
March Skyrim Redguard? XBLA/PC/PS3 Unknown
March Naruto Storm 3  Goku Costume XBLA/PS3 Pre-order bonus
March Fire Emblem Awakening Champions of Yore 1 3DS Free until March 6th
March 12th Resident Evil 6 Siege Mode XBLA/PS3 Unknown
March The War of the Roses Brian Blessed DLC PC $4.99
March Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon DLC 3DS Unknown
March Borderlands 2 Level Cap Increase/new DLC XBLA/PSN/PC Unknown
 March Victoria II Heart of Darkness PC  Unknown

Have we missed something? Do you know of any upcoming DLC that we haven’t mentioned? Are you releasing DLC or content patches that you want us to cover?

Email us – – and we’ll be sure to add it.

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