Massive updates for Aliens: Colonial Marines released on all formats

Gearbox have issued some major updates for Aliens: Colonial Marines just hours after the game has officially launched.

Gearbox have issued three separate updates for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, seemingly fixing individual problems that players have been having with all formats.

Full details can be seen here for PC , Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

For overview, the PC update looks at general user interface improvements, performance issues and the prevention of campaign pop-ups appearing outside of the campaign. There are also some minor campaign fixes, including an issue where Russian players couldn’t join drop in co-op. Finally, the multiplayer has had some tweaks. For instance, the switch team option has been removed from the pause menu and improved camera transition when a Xeno enters a vent.

Meanwhile, Xbox owners have received all of this and some splitscreen tweaks, such as the weapon Radial menu no longer appears for other players when the pause menu is opened, and a fixed issue where if the Game Menu is opened while accessing the Weapon Radial, it stays up on does not function properly.

Finally, Playstation 3 owners have received all the same, but received quite a few animation fixes and Escape updates.

The full patch notes can be seen above. Do you think any of the improvements made could help your enjoyment of the game?

(Source: Gearbox)

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