Max Payne 3 gets 4 new multiplayer modes

Rockstar have opened up about the final expansion for Max Payne 3. The series is definitely going out with a bang.

Releasing tomorrow on Xbox 360, Deathmatch Made In Heaven will add a whopping four new modes to the game.

In addition to the long awaited co-op mode, Dead Men Walking, the DLC adds Run & Stun, Marked Man and Time Attack

Here’s a breakdown on each mode

  • Dead Men Walking pits you and a comrade against hordes of enemies. The longer the team survives, the better the score. The team will receive various modifiers, rewarded by executing Payne styled combat combined with  Bullet Time® and Shootdodge™ – For example, if players can kill a target without taking damage or execute consecutive headshots, they earn bigger bonuses. Beating waves will also give players ‘Grit’ which is used to unlock new weapons, painkillers, items and even opens up areas of the map. 
  • Run & Stun puts random players in the role of Saci. Saci has super light armor and unlimited stamina and must stun his enemies, then melee strike them to convert them onto his side. Once someone has been turned, they can then turn un-cursed players still in the game. The round ends when the timer runs out, or at least one player remains unturned.
  • Marked Man is a more traditional multiplayer mode, but with a twist. The aim of the game is to get as many Vendettas as possible. Marked Man rewards the player that successfully initiates then settles the vendetta. In Marked Man, players can place a vendetta once they’ve been killed by a rival once. By completing a Vendetta, the mode rewards more XP and points.
  • Finally, Time Attack is also very similar to Max Payne Deathmatch, but players are rewarded for taking out multiple targets in a short period of time. When a player kills their first target, a kill timer appears on the screen, showing how many points their next kill will be worth. The most points wins the game.

At only 800 MSP (or £7.29 on PC/PS3) this seems to be a real bargain. While 360 and PC owners will receive the content tomorrow, PS3 owners will receive Deathmatch Made In Heaven on January 30th.

(Source: Rockstar)


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