Metro Last Light Faction Pack now available

We haven’t seen the Last Light of Metro. Not by a long shot. The Faction Pack is now available on XBLA, PSN and Steam.

The add on content will bring three original singleplayer campaign missions into the game, casting the player as a different specialist from the warring factions.

There’s even a trailer cuz, you know, we all like video more than words.

The Faction Pack costs 400 MSP or $4.99 and will be the first of four packs to come to Metro: Last Light as part of the Season Pass bundle. Not half bad!

Here’s the rest of the content as described by the blubababababluuuurb…

• The “Tower Pack” presents a unique experience for seasoned Metro gunslingers – a challenge based game mode, with online Leaderboard support, as players fight their way up the combat simulator known as The Tower

• The “Developer Pack” boasts a fully stocked Shooting Gallery, the AI Arena and Metro Museum… And a bonus solo mission – The Spiders’ Nest – offers some new tools for dealing with an infestation of the skittering Spider mutants

• Lastly the “Chronicles Pack” will feature original single player missions that cast the player as three of the game’s standout characters – Pavel, Khan and Anna – and explore their side-stories away from Artyom’s adventure


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