The highly successful Mini Ninjas mobile game has received a huge content update today.

The first major content update for the game adds animal companions.

Each companion possesses a unique ability and powerup which makes it easier for players to traipse through the endless runner at an even faster pace.

The Panda – Powerful and wise, the Panda possesses strength like no other. With the Panda at your side, enemies pose no threat: The Panda is invinicible to any foe and able to knock any aside with ease.

The Fox – Agile and swift, the Fox’s dexterity is unmatched. When speeding through levels, the Fox is able to avoid enemies completely with his double jump, pouncing out of danger and grabbing the hardest to reach rewards.

The Crane – Graceful but deadly, the Crane offers devastating aerial abilities to vanquish foes. No longer will flying enemies catch players out: the Crane is able to leap and attack even the highest baddies from above.

The game is available now for £0.69p and can be downloaded right here