Monster Hunter World crosses over with Devil May Cry later this year

Monster Hunter World will have a huge crossover with Devil May Cry later this year, Capcom announced.

You’ll need to fight the hellish foes familiar to the Son of Sparda, but in return you’ll get the ‘devious combination’ of the devastating Force Edge and Alastor weapons from the Devil May Cry series.

The game will also allow you fight in style with the vintage code and hairstyle trademarked by the half man, half god

If you’re on Playstation you don’t need to wait for crossover content. The Horizon Zero Dawn gear is available right now.

This new combo weapon will be part of the Charge Blade category, though this one will leave out the shield even though plagers will still be able to protect themselves.

This will be the first of several Devil May Cry pieces of content and will be available for all Monster Hunter World players.

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