Activision’s NASCAR The Game will be receiving a rather large content pack later this month.

The new content, coming to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, will feature Gen 6 cars.

New cars include the new Chevrolet SS, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry models, which “now accurately resemble each manufacturer’s showroom models like never before.”

The developer of Inside Line, Eutechynx, had this to say about the upcoming content.

“the NASCAR Gen 6 cars further Eutechnyx and Activision’s shared commitment to continue to deliver an unparalleled NASCAR experience. Players will be able to put these new cars through their paces online and in selected single player modes, as well as with the upcoming Inside Line Highlights (sold separately), a series of in-game DLC packs that utilize telemetry data from actual NASCAR races to let players relive and rewrite race events just as they unfold for real.”

In-game tickets can be used to purchase the new cars, or as part of an upcoming ‘Inside Line Highlights’ Pack.

The content will release in February but there is no precise release date or price point.